Suboxone clinics fall into two different kinds options when it comes to payment. Either a Suboxone clinic takes insurance for payment to treat their patients, or they have fixed self pay rates. Many outpatient Suboxone clinics fall under self pay for payment options. This is for several reasons. The first has to do with the doctors wanting to make all clinical decisions when it comes to patient care, without interference from insurance carriers. When a patient uses insurance for their Suboxone clinic care, the insurance provider can tell the doctor how often the patient is come, for how long, what that patient should be prescribed, and how much. For these reasons and others, many doctors prefer to utilize a fixed self pay rate for services. Patients that posses private insurance, still have the opportunity to submit a claim for out of network insurance reimbursement. At our suboxone clinic, we help patients with those types of reimbursements. Thank you for taking the time to read todays blog about insurance based, vs self pay Suboxone clinics. If you or someone you know is in need of treatment, please call today at 615-927-7802.