Success in sobriety involves being successful as a patient. If you are planning to become a patient at our MAT clinic or another, we have included some helpful information.

1. Keeping a punctual schedule is an important part of the road to recovery. It’s also an expectation as a patient. Clinics are out to make your life hard, or to give you a hard time. We are on your team. Sometimes that means holding to rules about being late for an appointment, or even “no call/no shows.”

2. Communication is key. This is a judgement free zone; we are truly here to help you in this process. With that being said, we can‘t do that if you aren’t honest with us. We understand that the path to sobriety isn’t always a straight line. If you’re struggling, or you have stumbled along the way, that’s ok! Just communicate that to us. It may be that you need some adjustments in your treatment to ensure long term success.

3. Honesty with yourself and with us with keep you sober. Don’t set yourself for failure by being dishonest about your struggles. Open up to your counselor, and to your doctor, so they can assist you with action oriented skills. Some outpatient Suboxone clinics punish patients for failures along the way. At Nashville Addiction Clinic we reward honesty. So if you’re having a tough time, remember that we are on your team.

4. Short and long term goals are important. Set achievable goals that have a timeline. In order to keep a goal from turning into a dream, it’s important to set a timeline so you know how long it will take to achieve it. Suboxone treatment is different for everyone. Some Suboxone clinics create timelines for you. We will create a timeline with you.

Those are four examples on how to be a good patient in an outpatient suboxone clinic. If you or a loved one is interested in starting the road to sobriety, give us a call today at 615-927-7802. We are located in the Nipper’s Corner area of Nashville, TN. We have a beautiful, clean, and friendly clinic, were you can expect a judgement free zone! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog on Suboxone treatment from our Outpatient Suboxone Clinic.